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It contains the hydrolised collagen  l glutathione, hyaluronic acids and AHA for whitening the skin. 

Well, it is believed that orally taken hydrolyzed collagen improves the density of collagen fibrils and the fibroblasts number (fibroblasts are the cells that produce collagen). 

The explanation of this action may be that the small fragmented peptides of orally taken hydrolyzed collagen exhibit chemotactic properties on fibroblasts or have some way to ignite the growth of fibroblasts.

Hydrolysed collagen can indeed be absorbed by our body, to almost 90%. Oesser et al. conducted a study not too long ago, and found that Ninety-five percent of enterally applied gelatin hydrolysate was absorbed within the first 12 hours. This was determined by Carbon 14 and HPLC methods. Iwai K et al also did a similar study in Japan, and the results also showed good bio-availability for oral hydrolysed collagen supplementation. Bear in mind that both studies used hydrolysed peptides, not whole collagen molecules. 

Basically, collagen is only a type of protein, and apart from allergic reactions, most people can take it without any worry. However, there are a few exceptions to this.

 Firstly, a customer with allergy to shellfish should not take collagen that is made from seafood. Secondly those who have been instructed to take a “low protein diet” (i.e. SLE patients with kidney disease) should at least limit or stay off collagen supplements.


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