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Mustajab Lemongrass Ginger Extract Lotion

RM 24.90

Efficacious Lemongrass Ginger Extract Lotion
Multi-purpose lotion 
Fragrance lemongrass basic
Apply to the joints muscles
Suitable for all skin types
Help prevent insect bites
Continuous use could soften, moisturize and nourish the skin

Slimming Lotion efficacious Ginger Extract (Effective Slimming Ginger Extract Lotion)

Comes in the form of few exciting flavors. For Lemon grass, extra hot, super hot, lime and ginger puree, you can buy individual tubes. For other flavors below, you need to purchase 12 tubes and above. Please contact us for the order after you have place the order at the website.

1. Jasmine

2. Promegranate

3. Rose

4. Pennywort (pennywort)

What are the benefits of our efficacious Lotions? Why so special?

Lotion for slimming the natural way  
 Reduces cellulite
 Reduces muscle and joint pain  
burns fat and assists slimming  
Reduces inflammation
 Strengthens memory  
and relieves anxiety and depression  
Assists in the digestive process,
ease menstrual cycle and relieve menstrual pain
and reduces protect the uterus after delivery
 Acts as an antiseptic that is suitable for eczema, rashes and other inflections  
containing vitamins A, B3, C, D and E for nourishing the skin
Very suitable for after delivery for women. Suitable for women after childbirth
reduces abdominal bloating  
reduces and relieves back pain
Burning fat and losing weight
can be used by everyone (babies and children can only use the little quantity of pure ginger and lemongrass)
not oily and easily absorbed into the body
no lingering smell or oily stench
made of pure extracts of herbs



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