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LadyMax - an effective product for female to regain health and beauty

RM 299.00

Nutribiox LadyMax
A solution for shapely and firm body especially the breast,buttock and lift up sagging skin and muscles.
One box of 15 sachets. One day one sachet. 

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A solution to Auntie Figure. Explicitly a problem after delivery or due to ageing.

What are the factors or causes for “Auntie Figure”?
Many females dreams of having the perfect figure but many thinks that by having a slim figure and bigger bust is the equivalent of a beautiful figure and forgetting that a firm breast and buttock will reveal a more shapely and beautiful figure.
As a woman grows older many undesirable signs of aging will manifest itself such as dark spots on skin, mood swing, sagging breast, an increase in weight and so on.
What are the causes for such changes to happen in a female body?
One of it is hormonal imbalance which has a very big impact on the female body. As a person grows older their hormone production capacity drops.
Is hormone imbalance the killing factor for both the health and beauty of a woman?
The answer is most definitely a yes. When hormones are imbalanced it will cause physiological changes.
Are you suffering from these symptoms which might be due to female hormone imbalance:
irregular period
painful period
mood swing
vaginal dryness
dry skin
sagging skin
obesity & water retention
low libido
Nutribiox Ladymax contains more than 13 types of plant hormones that are similar to human hormones that are recognized by the human body and can be used by the human body. Some of the hormones are oestrogen, progesterone and androgen that promote cellular regeneration and regulates body texture. Of all the know plant oestrogens it has the highest effectiveness and is able to effectively promote the growth of breast and vaginal muscles thus giving tightening effects and shapes up the female body curve.
Ladymax benefits for femininity:
Reduces wrinkles
More supple and elastic skin
Removes stretch mark
Reduces dark spots
Returns hair to its natural tone
Improves eyesight
Improves memory
Increase your energy for a more active life
Improves blood circulation
Revitalize your digestive system
Reduces insomnia for better sleep
Soothes menopause symptom
Firms up bust, enhances breast naturally & shapes up curves and increases libido
Reduces calcium loss thus preventing osteoporosis
Protects vagina & urinary bladder against infection
Strengthens cardiovascular system
Reduces menstrual discomfort
Better absorption of iron & vitamins
Promotes growth of beneficial bacteria in digestive tract
How does Ladymax enhances and firms up breast?
By introducing estrogen and anti aging elements into the body it stimulates growth of mammary glands to firm up fatty cells in breast, tightens up supporting ligaments and promotes development of breast.
How does Ladymax helps with skin wrinkles?
With the anti ageing effect of Pueraria Mirifica the effect can be seen after consumption of about 2 – 3 boxes. It can help smoothens wrinkles. It can also supplement the body with oestrogen for all the body organs particularly the vagina and ovaries thus revitalizing all the organs in the body giving you a youthful look and energy.
How does Ladymax helps those that had surgery?
Consuming this product is able to help revitalize and nourishes the inner organs however it is recommended that this product to be taken at least 30 days after surgery.
How does Ladymax benefits ladies who have just given birth?
Ladymax is capable of firming up the bust and tightens the vagina as well as nourishing it at the same time. It also nourishes the skin at the same time returning its elasticity and diminishing stretch marks after birth and helps in recovering their slim figure. Breastfeeding mothers are advised to not consume this product.
How does Ladymax helps ladies with infertility problems?
Ladymax is capable of nourishing the female reproductive system. It helps strengthen the glands so that they can resume their normal function and produce the necessary hormones. This in turn will lead to a normal and regular period cycle.
Contains 100% herbal based without any chemicals.
1. wild Yam
Source of unsaturated fatty acids that helps eliminates waste products and unwanted fat ,increases metabolism process and regulate the hormone secretion as well as tightens cell membranes resulting in supple and smooth skin, healthy hair and strong nails
2. Pueraria Mirifica,Lobata
A phytoestrogen that enhances and stimulate breast tissues resulting in enlargement of the breast by increasing the mass and shape the breast outline. Lobata supports cardiovascular system, regulates prostate function,reduces blood pressure & glucose levels and helps to prevent osteoporosis. Lobata  has anti-oxidant value 20 times more powerful than Vitamin E.
3. Isolated Soy Proteins
A purified soy protein that is naturally low in fat and capable of reducing heart disease symptoms, preventing osteoporosis and improving menopause symptoms
4. Quercus Infectoria
Tightens erectile tissues of the vagina and restores suppleness and rejuvenate nerves in the vagina.
Natural antiseptic property effective in prevention of bacteria,yeast and fungal infection. This will prevent itchiness and bad odor in the intimate area.
5. Lactobacillus sporogenes
Super probiotic that boost immune system,improves digestive and nutrients absorption in the alimentary canal.
6. Labisia Pumila   
Rich in Phytoestrogens used in oestrogen related therapy, restore vitality after childbirth.


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