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3ply clinical certified mask ×50 pieces in a box.

RM 75.00 RM 80.00

3ply clinical certified mask ×50 pieces in a box.

Quality is certified.

antiviral protection, anti dust, anti mites , antibacteria

 We unable to give you the very cheap price because the materials are very expensive..

 It is water proof to avoid spilling of aerosol from the wearer and splashing of aerosol from others.

and also good non woven with high hygienic procedure from certified fact  

the size is good coverage and there is no hole that allow the user to use the air from outside directly, meaning breathe in via the three layers and blow out from the 3 layers.

high quality of material. 95% filtration 

elastic at the side for easier wear. 

disposable face mask 


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